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tailored to your requirements


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Our Know-how

It is our aim to maintain a high technological standard in our links with other development institutions.
We especially want to perform developments in accordance with proven standards. We regard the development of structured and forward-looking customer solutions as fundamental.

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Our Culture

We believe in direct inter-personal contact in a healthy atmosphere of discussion and debate, even in the Internet age. We consort with our customers in an honest, open and friendly fashion. We aim to consult independently and comprehensively, with long-term thinking helping us to establish new ties and to cultivate existing relationships.


Customer Value

We value close customer co-operation and the associated exchange of knowledge. Our developments should match customer requirements and should be implemented within schedule and agreed cost constraints.


of our software development according to ISO 15504-2

Société Générale de Surveillance SA (SGS)
Gesellschaft für Prozessmanagement (GP)
certify our software development process, according to ISO 15504-2 Level 3.

In october 2015, our process of software development was checked and revised

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