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Januar 2008
Integration von Alfresco in das System GSM-R Info bei der SBB AG

Zusammen mit der syseca AG Zug integriert DataValue das DMS Alfresco für die SBB-AG.


  • Intelligent Virtual File System – As simple to use as a shared drive through CIFS, WebDAV or FTP
  • Google®-Like Search and Yahoo!®-Like Folder Browsing

Developer Productivity

  • Aspect Oriented Rules Development through Simple-to-Use Wizards
  • Rules and Actions Managed in the Server once for all Interfaces

Best-Practice Collaboration

  • Pre-Configured Smart-Space Templates – Project Structure, Content, Logic, Lifecycles
  • Forums – Threaded Discussions on Folders or Documents

Administrator Productivity

  • Simple Server Install and No Client Install
  • Advanced Content Security Management

Advanced Search/Knowledge Management

  • Sophisticated Content, Attribute, Location, Object Type and Multiple Taxonomy/Category Search

Distributed Architecture

  • Highly Scalable and Fault Tolerant Service Oriented Architecture

Open Source

  • Dramatically Lower Cost
Thomas Burmeisterzu
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